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"I went to see Natalie as I was having problems being in control of my life. Natalie helped me identify patterns of behaviour that were having a destructive effect on my life. Once she helped me recognise this, I could see how these behaviours were affecting my professional and personal life. The strategies she gave me helped overcome these behaviours. Since then I haven’t looked back and feel back in control of my life again. Natalie was a pleasure to work with and made me feel very at ease and comfortable. Seeing Natalie has been life changing."    BR, Aylesbury

“Over a year ago, it was suggested that I go speak to the school counsellor. I went reluctantly mainly motivated by time out of lessons, that’s when I met Natalie. I didn’t really enjoy sessions, I rarely talked and any talking I did would seriously tire me out. But after a number of weeks, I began to see the benefit of the sessions. Natalie put a lot of effort into building a rapport with me, and eventually I would share more and more. She never once forced solutions to my problems into my head. But through talking to me and actually listening to me she helped me better understand my issues giving the ability to find my own solutions. Which I probably already knew, but without Natalie I would have no way to access them. I was losing my motivation to do anything, even the things I loved and was severely struggling with sleep. But now I’m doing what I do again and my sleep has levelled off to something manageable, and a lot of that is thanks to Natalie. I was one of the people that would say counselling wouldn’t work and was a waste of time. But if I could turn back the time I’d go tell myself to speak to Natalie sooner. She was someone I looked forward to seeing every week and I’d highly recommend her services.” Anon

“Thank you for the support and kindness you have shown to the residents you have counselled at our care home. I know how much Richard particularly valued your support and when he was going through a very rough time with his condition, you made a huge difference to his well-being. You were certainly able to help him and for that I will always be grateful”  Manager of Care Home

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Natalie McGourty

BA Hons Psychology MBACP

Telephone: 07976968166


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